Reasons to Hire an External Trademark Monitoring Services Partner

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Date: 16 May 2023

Reasons to Hire an External Trademark Monitoring Services Partner

To avoid significant financial losses resulting from the unauthorized use of a registered trademark, it is crucial for companies to promptly detect any signs of infringement and take action against the infringer(s). Trademark monitoring can aid in identifying newly filed or published marks that resemble your registered trademark. While some companies opt to monitor these marks themselves to save costs, experts in intellectual property suggest enlisting a trustworthy external vendor that offers dependable online trademark filing and monitoring services.

This article stresses the importance of seeking the assistance of an online trademark filing and monitoring professional instead of handling the task independently. To start, we will explore the risks associated with not conducting trademark monitoring, whether internally or through an external vendor.

Problems of Not Monitoring Trademarks

Not monitoring your online trademarks can leave you vulnerable to potential threats at any point after registration. The following are some of the significant hazards associated with neglecting trademark monitoring.

Trademark Dilution

When multiple identical or similar marks are used for the same goods or services in a particular jurisdiction, it can dilute the trademark. As a result, it is crucial for trademark owners to promptly identify newly filed or published trademarks that resemble their registered mark and take action without delay.

Trademark Infringement

Building a brand requires significant investment in time, effort, and finances. Nonetheless, the extensive use of identical or similar brand names and logos in the market can undermine its reputation. In this regard, online trademark filing and monitoring services can be crucial in detecting and preventing such imitations.

Lack of Knowledge about Competitors' Progress

Maintaining a watchful eye on the online trademark activities of competitors is crucial for any business, as trademarks are highly valuable assets. Neglecting to monitor rivals' trademarks can jeopardize a company's competitive edge in the market.

Loss of Trademark Rights

Failing to conduct trademark monitoring can ultimately result in the forfeiture of intellectual property rights. When third parties use logos or names similar to your registered trademark, and you do not take action against them, the mark's value may diminish. Over time, the trademark will no longer be recognized as a source identifier in the market, and the owner will no longer have the exclusive right to use it.

Why Should You Hire Trademark Monitoring Services?

Although some businesses may opt to conduct online trademark filing and monitoring using their own internal resources, it is strongly advised to enlist the services of an external trademark monitoring provider to handle this task. The following are the reasons why this is recommended:

  • Providers of external trademark monitoring services employ devoted and committed staff members with specialized tracking mark knowledge.
  • Businesses that use trademarks can benefit from the thorough, timely, and detailed reports that trademark monitoring providers offer.
  • These businesses only employ experts to provide trademark monitoring services to their customers.
  • They delegate the job to a focused team or individual with specified project delivery deadlines.
  • Companies that do trademark monitoring pay for access to databases that support regional and global trademark monitoring.
  • They have qualified individuals on staff that have developed a variety of terminology and translations as well as developed numerous database strategies to produce the best outcomes.

Why Choose Us for Trademark Monitoring Services?

We are a top provider of intellectual property solutions globally, assisting companies in constructing, profiting from, protecting, and optimizing their intellectual property portfolios. Our teams' technical skills and knowledge are utilized to create comprehensive trademark monitoring reports for our clients. Our team of online trademark filing professionals possesses extensive experience working with numerous paid and free trademark databases managed by organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Indian Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

In addition, our team adheres to the standard search principles outlined by the Indian Intellectual Property Office for all of our trademark search and monitoring reports. These principles include:

  • The act of doing a thorough search.
  • Locating all possible versions of the mark's distinguishing features.
  • Looking up each specific element separately.
  • Looking for marks composed of two or more different terms to recover the terms, whether they occur together or individually.
  • Looking for visual representations of different terms and vice versa when suitable.
  • All phonetic equivalents are looked up.
  • Locating all of the English language equivalents.

Our online trademark monitoring reports also offer comprehensive coverage of common law, which includes:

Business names – In state-specific databases, we look up precise markings across India.

Domain names – To give you a distinctive perspective of the domain name environment surrounding your new mark, our team offers comparable/identical data from the WHOIS and EuroDNS websites.

Web – We manually match the most important keywords with the trademark name. All typical search biases are removed in this search.

Images – A targeted web search for visuals connected to the mark can assist in distinguishing it from unregistered brands.

Social media – This involves investigating how your mark is used on some of the biggest social media platforms in the world, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, among others.

Our team of experts has years of experience in providing global and country-specific trademark search and monitoring services to all types of players in the IP industry, ranging from small businesses to entrepreneurs and startups.

Wrapping Up

While some businesses prefer to conduct trademark monitoring in-house to save costs, IP experts recommend outsourcing this task to a proficient third-party service provider. This is because the advantages of hiring an external vendor far outweigh the cost savings of performing the task internally. By availing of trademark monitoring services from a reputable provider, clients can expect outstanding monitoring results and free up their internal team(s) to focus on other essential tasks.

At Online Patent Filing, our team of online trademark filing experts provides unparalleled IP solutions to our clients, utilizing cutting-edge tools to deliver exceptional trademark monitoring services. We offer a variety of cost-effective and result-driven trademark monitoring plans tailored to meet our client's diverse needs and budgets. Visit our trademark monitoring service page to learn more about our expertise.