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Design patents are like younger, less popular cousins of the usual kind of patents. While ordinary patents focus on the part of the product, process, technology, etc., which focuses on the practical aspect - something that directly to 'use' or somehow enhances the development, the way it is created, or technology; design patents as its name suggests is all about design - the visual or aesthetic aspects of the products. Despite securing something merely ornamental, the growing demand for patent design in Chennai has been registered as the region is home to several businesses that need this kind of patent.

Understanding The Process Of Design Patent Filing In Chennai

The process for filing a design patent filing, though somewhat more accessible than the other kind of patents, still needs a lot of professional expertise. Firstly, one must understand whether one can get a design patent.

Let us take a look at keyboards used with computers (the electronics and smartphone industry, by the way, is one of the leading industries where design patents are requested); supposing a company comes up with a special keyboard for gamers that has some enhanced functionality and buttons and a unique and appealing combination of colours to make it look appealing to gamers. Now, the functionality and buttons must be protected under ordinary patents, but that 'unique look' cannot be - for that, one must file a design patent. The design patent will talk about the colours and, maybe, the shape of the keyboard, which has nothing to do with core functionality but provide aesthetic appeal to the product.

Design patents are like other patents only insofar as they are for use in commercial products like the patent subject matter. Like copyrights, they deal with the aesthetic subject matter, but unlike them, design patents are meant for products that are mass-manufactured and have some other functionality. Design patents must be adobe distinguished from trademark filing in that they are not supposed to act as the organisation's or product's identity.

Thus, design patent filing in Chennai can be a difficult task, and one must get professional help for it.

The Best Way To Apply For Design Patent In Chennai

Suppose you are looking to apply for design patent in Chennai. In that case, we highly recommend that you take the service of professional service with expertise in the field of design patents and other intellectual properties. A good service can go a long way in making the process of design patent registration in Chennai hassle-free.

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