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After Mumbai, Pune is the most important city in Maharashtra. The city has become a prominent urban centre, and several industries have found a place here. All these industries need primary social, political, legal, and other human infrastructure to operate, and several private and public undertakings are working toward providing this infrastructure. An essential element where such infrastructure plays a valuable role in patent design in Pune. Since some of the most significant lawsuits in the past few decades have surrounded design patents, they are critical to enterprises.

Understanding The Need for Design Patent Filing In Pune

Like ordinary patents, design patents are intellectual property (IP). Intellectual property is a property that provides exclusive overuse of something (called the subject matter) to its owner. Once the IP has been registered under the due legal procedure, the owner can file a suit if someone tries to use the subject matter for financial gain. If the owner can prove that the design patent was violated - that is, the design used by the accused party was the same or similar- they can file for damages, and the court will order the faulting party to cease using the patents. 

Thus, design patent filing in Pune can help you keep other enterprises from copying the design of their product. Patents can provide legal protection for up to twenty years, assuming you will renew patents yearly.

Unfortunately, there is little understanding of the importance of design patents in the country, even though they have been known to be the subject of lawsuits involving millions of dollars. Getting patents is not easy; one should take the services of a professional firm.

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