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Bangalore is like the microcosm of modern India - being the hub of all the major industries such as electronics, Information Practices (IP), Software and app development, electronics, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), etc. A common characteristic in all these industries, which are also responsible for driving up the growth of the Indian economy, is innovations. However, the enterprises will have no incentive to invest in research and development if they cannot depend on patent drafting services in Bangalore to help secure the resulting technology. Let us explore the various aspects of patent drafting in further detail.

Understanding Patents

First of all, what is a patent anyway? A patent is a particular type of intellectual property. Some other forms of intellectual property include copyrights, trademarks, design patents, etc. Much like other forms of intellectual property, it safeguards your interests in something you may have created by not letting others use it or anything that has a close enough resemblance to it. You start the procedure by patent application drafting in Bangalore or wherever you live.

A patent will give you an exclusive right to commercially use its subject matter (that is the very thing that you got a patent on). If anyone else uses the patented subject matter without the permission of its owner, the owner will have a right to sue the said party for damages. However, a patent can only be powerful if you have the service of the best legal agency during patent drafting in Bangalore.

The Subject Matter of Patents

What can be patented? The subject matter of a patent can be almost anything that is novel, invented by you, have a functional aspect, and is commercially reproducible. It can be a product, a technology, a process, or a service - or it can be a part of these things or a combination. Novelty is an essential element - the subject matter should be currently used by any other party and should not infringe on any existing subject matter. Some of the patent writing services in Bangalore can also help with this process.

The subject matter should also be commercially reproducible - an invention, no point how novel, might be deemed not patent worthy if it doesn't have a commercial value. Similarly, the patent subject should be invented by the party claiming the patent - a legal statement claiming the fact can be good enough proof of the same. The patent drafting services in Bangalore can help you make such a statement.

The' functional' aspect differentiates patentable subject matter from other intellectual properties - it means that the subject matter should be of the operational characteristic of a product, process, or service and not merely an aesthetic element. Thus, it doesn't protect against artistic creations (protected under copyrights), aesthetic characteristics of the product (protected under 'design patents), and trademarks (protected the logo or brand of the enterprise or product). The patent writing services in Bangalore can help ensure that your application strictly pertains only to functional aspects.

It is also vital that patent subject matter should not be something that might be easily intuited by someone in the regular course of work.

Importance of Patents

Patents are for anyone - anyone considered a 'person' can be granted a patent; that includes a single person, a group of people, and registered companies. While MNCs often file for patents, the patents are also filed by small-scale businesses, individuals, and start-ups. Bangalore is where a large number of patents get registered every year.

For example, Apple Inc. has been able to keep the competition at bay by patenting various technologies in creating its iPhones. With the subject matter of many of these patents now entering the public domain, the competitors might now be able to use these technologies.

Patents in India And Other Countries

The various countries of the world provide patent laws as agreed by the member countries of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). This legally binding contract came into effect in January 1994. In India, patents are granted under the Indian Patent Act of 1970, which has undergone many changes since it was enacted.

Since the jurisdiction of the Indian patent granting authority is within India only, you may need to file for patents in other TRIPs nations as well if you would like to see your intellectual property protected in those countries as well. That, in turn, makes it preferable if you go for a patent drafting service that has some knowledge and experience with international patent laws.

After Registration Of Patents

Once registered, a patent stays in effect for up to twenty years from the registration date, provided a renewal fee is paid every year. That fee can also be paid upfront, however, on the failure to pay the fee, the patent will lapse, and the process of its restoration is challenging. At the end of twenty years and on the lapse of patent, the subject matter enters the 'public domain' where anyone can freely use it without attracting any legal claim.

Need For Patent Drafting Services In Bangalore

Many start-ups and individuals - not to mention MNCs- constantly need assistance with patent drafting in Bangalore. However, it is not as easy as it may sound - drafting patents is something of both an art and science, and it is best left to experts only. Thus, it is a fortunate thing that there are so many patent drafting services in Bangalore.

However, it being a complex art, not all patent writing services in Bangalore are the same. There is a considerable variation in the quality of the service they provide, and a lousy patent writing service can do more damage than good. Let us see explore why it is essential to be careful while choosing the patent drafting service:

  1. Patent drafting needs legal jargon and language. Your patent draft should contain the proper legal terminology; only well-trained and experienced IP lawyers know this language well enough to craft an application. Thus, you will need the assistance of such lawyers or agencies that have them.
  2. Your patent application should not mention any extra information, including the aesthetic aspects of the product - The mention of any aesthetic aspects or other useless information will draw attention away from the more crucial subject matter. Moreover, it will weaken your application. Your patent application should focus on only and only on its subject matter.
  3. Your patent application should be exhaustive with the description of inventive aspects. Another reason you should go for patent drafting in Bangaloreis that it should provide a complete and exhaustive explanation of the new and innovative process or step. Any missed out details will not enjoy the protection of the patent.
  4. Your patent draft may need graphical representation as well - So far, we have only focused on the verbal aspects of patent application drafting in Bangalore.While these are important, one should remember that your patent draft might also require some graphical representation. These diagrams are best left to experts on the matter, and a patent drafting service can avail you of the assistance of those experts.
  5. Your patent application should invite minimum challenges and doubts - Often, the patent granting authorities are unsatisfied with the patent draft. They will ask you to answer any doubts and questions they may have, and that will prolong the procedure. If one takes the service of a good patent drafting service, the chances of that occurring will be minimum.

The above discussion will hopefully convenience you of the importance of a good patent drafting service. A patent management service can also go beyond mere drafting of the patents. It can help you with patent search - checking whether the patent will infringe on an existing patent, various steps of patent registration, etc. However, filing a good patent drafting service is a complex challenge. Fortunately, you are in the right place, as we can help you with that.

Things To Look For Patent Writing Services In Bangalore

So what makes a patent drafting service a good service? The following are some of the tips that can be particularly helpful when looking for good patent writing services:

  1. Your own needs are the most valuable consideration - You must know that you and your own needs are at the centre of the question. You have already come up with something new - and you know how rare and significant achievement that is. Now that you are looking forward to drafting patents, it is natural that you may have some questions and doubts. It is, after all, for the safety of your most valuable asset. Thus you must have a clear understanding of patents.
  2. Be mindful of the industry of subject matter - When it comes to patent drafting in Bangalore, one needs to remember that patents of different sectors are very differently crafted due to the difference in the very terminology required to describe the subject matter. IT, software, hardware, electronics, smartphones, pharma, biotechnology, etc., are some of the leading industries in India where patents are filed. Each one of these need notable experts to draft patents.
  3. Experience is invaluable - If you have worked for years to develop an innovation, you should not trust some amateur lawyer to get legal protection for it. It would be best if you are looking for only experienced lawyers, legal firms, or agencies - and not only for the experience but for experience in intellectual property in general and patent drafting in particular.
  4. Holding conversations with lawyers can help - One of the best ways to judge lawyers or legal services is by conversing with them and seeing how well they can clarify your doubts. If they cannot explain your legal position to you, they might not be the best people for it.Respecting your privacy - When you consult a lawyer in their professional capacity, anything you disclose to them is protected under confidentiality; thus, the secret of your innovation is safe with them. However, if you feel like getting extra prudent, you can also get them to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  5. Think internationally - As mentioned above, you may like to request patents in other countries as well. As such, you should look for a patent drafting service that can later help you get patents in other countries. That will only be possible if an enterprise serves you with lawyers well-versed in international patent laws.
  6. Go online - In the past few years, almost everything of commercial importance has grown digital, and it would be hardly sensible if the process for filing patents for the latest technologies in the silicon valley of India should have remained old school. You can now file patents online - the process is much more convenient and smoother when you go for an online patent filing service.
  7. Go for a service that can help with the whole process - It is also crucial to go for a service that can assist you with the entire patent registration process. While you may be looking only for a patent drafting service, your requirements may change later. If you have a convenient service that can assist you in those steps, you won't have to conduct a new search for this service.
  8. Look at your budget - The best lawyers are not necessarily the most expensive ones but are also rarely the cheapest ones. You should determine your budget - be careful not to try too hard to cut costs. Next, you should look for a service that provides.

The above list of tips can come in handy while you search for a patent drafting service. However, we have a surprise for you. You don't have to make an effort to explore as you are already at the place where you will get the best patent filing service in Bangalore.

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