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It may come as a pleasant surprise to many. Still, the national capital of India, Delhi, is also the seat of significant patent law judgments in the country and one of India's leading centres of Patent-related cases. That is one of the leading reasons why one should go for patent registration in Delhi. 

There was a time when it was believed technology was just a western thing, and Indians couldn't master it. However, that is not the case as India is now at the leading edge of research and development, driving innovations across various industries, including industries such as pharmaceuticals (during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the country became the only one to be home to not one but two patent applications), biotechnology, computers, electronics, networking technology, telecommunications, etc.

As researchers work hard on these inventions and discoveries, it is natural that they should be able to protect their intellectual property, and that is where taking the patent filing service in Delhi can help them.

Why is it essential to hire a patent filing service in Delhi?

The patent laws and other IP laws are very unlike other laws. For one thing, they are both national and international. Thus, there are several different kinds of patent options available. One also must ascertain where exactly one can get the patent as the good and bad results are not limited to India but extend beyond the national borders to global levels. Thus, patent consulting in Delhi is needed to know what kind of patent one should file.

In India, the legal provisions and guidelines relating to patents are covered in the Indian Patents Act of 1970. The law describes a stringent and detailed process for patent registration in Delhi and other parts of the country. Since a patent will give the owner exclusive rights over the subject matter, this process must be thorough. The patent won't be granted unless the person can thoroughly convince the patenting authority. Since you don't enjoy the benefit of the doubt - in fact, any doubt the patenting authority may have weakens your case; you need to make a strong case.

Naturally, most people are not thoroughly versed in the patent law to create a proper patent draft - and that is just the beginning of a lengthy procedure. The patent management services in Delhi can help you through the following steps of the process:

  1. Nature - The subject matter can be a product, service, technology, process - or a combination of these. It cannot be something like a work of art.
  2. Novelty - The subject matter should be novel - at least in the industry where one is about to use it. It should represent a significant difference from the existing technologies or processes, and the difference should not be something naturally intuitable.
  3. Commercial use - The subject matter should be useable commercially - that is, on a large scale. It can't be patented until the subject matter can be reproduced on a commercial scale.
  4. Utilitarian aspect - The subject matter should consult the functional element and not the aesthetic aspect of the product or process. There are separate 'design patents' if ones wish to get one's intellectual property in the aesthetic elements.
  5. Proof of innovation - One should be able to prove that one has come up with the creation oneself.

Not only must you ensure that you have a patentable subject matter, but you might also have to get more than one patent in some cases, even though they combine to serve a single purpose. That's where patent consulting in Delhi can help you.

What to look for from a service providing patent consulting in Delhi?

The following are some of the key features to look for in a patent filing service in Delhi:

Finding a good patent management service should be your first step once you have invented or come up with something that you consider worth patenting. However, it can be a long search - as very few services can meet all the above criteria. Luckily you can avoid the lengthy search by going for Online Patent Filing.

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