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Mumbai has been called the city of dreams because it is home to Bollywood and the country's financial capital. The metropolitan port city is not home to celebrities only but also several vital businesses - both older ones and start-ups. Several of these businesses are highly modern in every sense of the word, including being driven by research and development. With so much innovation growing around, it is hardly surprising that there are numerous requests for patent registration in Mumbai .

Since patent registration needs to be done with a high amount of expertise and professional knowledge, it is hardly surprising that Mumbai, which also serves as the capital of Maharashtra, should also have several services offering assistance. We shall soon talk about how you can get the best of thesepatent management services in Mumbai ; however, let us first understand some basics of patent laws.

First of all, what is a patent? A patent is an exclusive right over something for having invented. This 'something' can be a product, a part or component of a product, a service, a process used in manufacturing, or a combination of some or all of these elements. We shall call this 'something' the 'subject matter. To be patentable, the subject matter should be novel (new at least to the proposed use in the industry), of commercial value, use-ready (that is, it can't just be conceptual but should be ready to be used) and invented by the party claiming the patent. Moreover, it can't be something that someone in normal usage can intuit.

Of these proving, the novelty of the subject matter is perhaps the most challenging task when going for patent registration in Mumbai . Not only should the subject matter be currently used, but it should also not conflict with any existing patents and other publications of the land. That is ensured by carrying out what is called a 'patent search .

While novelty is the essential characteristic of a patentable subject matter, it doesn't make itself patentable. Things like works of art and literature (protected under different kinds of Intellectual Property (IP) law - Copyright), aesthetic aspects of a commercial product (protected under 'design patent' different from regular patents), mathematical and scientific theories, etc., cannot be patented.

Drafting a patent application is another crucial task - the patent application should mention the novel features or processes but focus on the utilitarian aspects (as against aesthetic elements, which may need a different type of patent - a design patent). Both excessive detail and being too brief can affect the effectiveness of a patent application. Sometimes one may be required to acquire several different patents for different parts or processes used in a single product.

These are only the first steps of the patent registration procedure in Mumbai and other parts of the country under the Indian Patents Act of 1970. Once the patent is granted to you over something, you will have an exclusive right to use it. No other party can use it without your prior permission, or you will have a legal right to sue them in a court of law. The patents will protect you for up to twenty years from the date of filing the patent in the jurisdiction of the patent granting authority - assuming you pay the patent renewal fee. After that period, the patent is said to be 'expired', and the subject matter will enter the public domain where anyone can use it.

One may need to apply for patents in several other countries or global regions at once for the same subject matter. Under the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights or TRIPS agreement, all World Trade Organisation (WTO) countries must provide patent protection for at least twenty years. However, there are many variations in patent laws on other aspects, such as what can be the 'subject matter of the patent.

All One Needs To Know About Patent Consulting In Mumbai

It must be clear that getting a patent is no piece of the cake because a patent provides such powerful rights to the owners. Thus, the granting authority has to ensure that patents don't end in the wrong hands. You are deemed not entitled to a patent unless you can provide beyond any shadow of a doubt that you deserve the patent. While that is crucial for legal purposes, it makes your job difficult. Thus it would be best if you went for patent consulting in Mumbai to avoid being trapped by red tape, bureaucracy, or various challenges of the patent registration procedure.

Suppose you are trying to apply for patent in Mumbai. In that case, you will need professional help at various stages of the process - patent search, patent draft, patent consideration request (patent filing), patent hearing, etc. Each of these processes can seem like a hurdle to a layperson who may not understand the patent law that thoroughly. That is where a patent management service can help you.

However, while patent management services provide a great solution to hurdles of patent registration - finding the desirable patent management service can be daunting. And you should not just go for the first, or the cheapest one - as not all patent registration and consultation services are the same. Patent drafting, in particular, can only be mastered with a great deal of experience and an intricate understanding of patent laws. There are many differences in the quality of services of even the most professional patent services.

The following are some of the critical criteria to keep in mind while looking for a patent registration service in Mumbai:

Keeping these criteria in mind will help you avoid patent registration services that might not be good enough. However, finding the perfect service can indeed be a challenge.

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