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These days the number of competitors for an enterprise in any industry runs in hundreds, thousands, or even more - with globalisation making global brands locally available and digitalization meaning that the competition is always a single click away. Pune has seen a lot of industrialization in recent years, but it, too, is not immune to this intense competition. The various businesses in the city must thus learn all about trademark registration in Pune.

With so much competition in the market, enterprises need to create a differentiation for their product, brand, or service, as the case may be. That differentiation may come in some characteristic of the product itself or, as is often the case, might result from promotional efforts such as extensive advertisement. In the latter case, the promotion is connected not to the nature of the product but its identity - its name, the logo, the colours and design of its label, etc. Trademark registration in Pune is required to protect the identity of the product.

Understanding Trade Mark Registration In Pune

Let us first discuss what exactly a trademark is. A trademark is a name, logo, brand, etc., and these days it can be something 3d or a sound mark. It is one of many kinds of intellectual properties. However, it differs from other forms of intellectual property, such as patents, design patents, copyrights, etc. It is not and need not be earned by creating something inventive or creative, except insofar that trademarks must be different from existing trademarks.

A trademark ensures that no competitor will sell the products under the brands under the same or similar logos, names, or colours anywhere in India once the trademark registration in Pune is complete. You can put the capital roman letter 'R' in a circle as a superscript next to the trademark to show its registered and protected status.

The registered trademark owners can sue the said party for injunction and damages if somebody does that. Thus, an enterprise can promote its trademark without worrying that its competitors will piggyback on its expenditure and benefit. It also ensures that you aren't infringing on registered trademarks of others and thus won't have to pay the penalty to them (not to mention lay waste to all the money spent in promoting the mark).

Thus, it is hardly surprising that when it comes to trademark registration, Pune has seen a lot of agencies offering the services.

However, it must be noted that getting trademark registration in Pune presents several challenges. The process is a long one and full of challenges. And it is highly desirable in almost all cases to take the services of trademark registration consultants in Pune.

The good news is that these consultants can smoothen the process. Unfortunately, the various trademark registration consultants in Pune are not all the same, and one must be able to find the very best of them. Let us discuss how you can find the best consultants for yourself.

However, before we talk about trademark consultants, let us first understand a little more about the laws and rules concerning trademarks and their registration.

Trademarks And Related Laws

Trademarks are protected in India under the Trademark Act of 1999. Though some laws relating to marks already exist, this act was passed in compliance with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights or simply TRIPS. TRIPS was an international legal agreement between all the nations that are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The new rules given in 2017 have extended the definition of a trademark to include the 3D marks and sound marks, which can now be registered as trademarks.

The 2017 rules have also simplified the process and made it more hassle-free. Now, you need only fill out eight forms, not 75, and the application processing is faster.

While unregistered trademarks might also find protection under common law, which provides a remedy of 'passing off, it is best to get your brand registered for maximum protection. The 2002 trademark law defines 45 different classes that can be trademark registered, and these include 11 categories of services.

The following is a list of documents that may be required during trademark registration: Signed Trademark application, PAN Card or Passport or Election ID Card, Scanned copy of Voter's ID, Driver's License or Passport, and the JPG Format of the mark in question, etc. The need for documents varies according to whether the trademark owner is an individual or an enterprise.

Tips For Finding The Best Trademark Registration Consultants In Pune

When it comes to trademark registration, Pune has some excellent consultants and a lot of below-par options. However, if you keep the following instructions in mind, you can find the perfect consultants for yourself:

If that is the case, you may also need consultation for other forms of intellectual property, such as patents and design patents. In the case of certain businesses dealing with artistic or literary works, it can also be copyrighted. And it can also be that you would like to have more than one trademark. 

Same if you want a trademark or other intellectual property registered in other countries. If that is the case, you should look for a single service that can serve all your needs in one place. It would hardly be sensible to deal with several vendors for what could be done in a single place.

They also generally tend to have much higher grades than experts. Concerning digitalization,The new rules of 2017 have gone a long way - it encourages e-filing and allows hearings via video conferencing.

The tips listed above should help you avoid substandard services and find services that can serve you well. However, completing that search might take a lot of time. And we know where the investigation will end with us. Yes, Online Patent Filing is the best service when it comes to trademark registration in Pune or any other part of the country for that matter.

The Perfect Trademark Consultants In Pune For You

Online Patent Filing is the only service that has the best trademark consultants in Pune with the best lawyers having experience in both Indian and international IP laws that are available at the best prices in the city to everyone - whether you may be an individual, small-scale business, a start-up or a giant MNC. No client is too small or too big for us.

We value your time and resources and work hard to expedite the process while also ensuring that our clients have to suffer from no inconvenience. We can help you check the currently registered trademarks to ensure that there is no trademark with a close resemblance to yours (as that may disqualify your marks). We have an intricate knowledge of exactly how much resemblance is passable.

We can also help with the hearing if some objections are raised, and you are asked to present your evidence. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask us. We look forward to a chance to serve you.