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Are you thinking of protecting your inventions?
Are you confused about how to capture your invention into a patent draft?
Are you thinking of how can you file a patent in different jurisdictions?
Is your Invention worth patenting?
Is somebody stealing your patented invention?

When it comes to inventing and patenting and during your journey towards paving your way in making a successful product, we can steer you across the confused questions as mentioned above!

With great invention comes associated cost!

With well-thought strategy, we can help you to estimate a filing budget that eventually saves you a lot of cost!

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If you are willing to protect your invention in Asian countries like India, China, Japan and Korea, it is necessary to know that what kind of protection your invention requires:


Filing a patent application is USA is a fairly complicated endeavor that one might peruse. The patent application no filed with proper guidance


The European Patent Convention (EPC), also known as the Convention on the Grant of European Patents of 5 October 1973, is a multilateral treaty instituting




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Online Patent Filing - The Best Platform of Patent Filing

Ever since the beginning industrial revolution, several new technologies have helped revolutionize the world several times - bringing about all the comforts of the modern lifestyle. We have creators and inventors of these new technologies, products, and services to thank for these - and it stands to reason that their intellectual property (IP) rights in these technologies should remain protected. That's why we have so many IP laws, such as those for patents, trademarks, copyrights, design etc. Patent filing is the best way to protect highly innovative new technologies, products, and services.

Patents are the government-granted rights to keep anyone from using the patented object (which can be a process, product, service, or technology) that you may have been the first to come up with by anyone other than yourself. It also gives you the right to sue and claim damages from anyone who may use the same or significantly similar technologies or processes. The protection is only limited to the jurisdiction of the patenting authority. Thus, one must get several patents in different countries and regions to protect one's innovation worldwide.

The protection provided to patents lasts for twenty years - assuming that you were able to renew patents. Patents must be renewed every year after the first two years. A failure to do so will put the subject matter in the public domain such that the same can be used by anyone. You can also pay the entire fee in advance. If the subject matter enters the public domain - at the expiry of the patent, due to failure to pay the renovation/maintenance/renewal fee, or due to leakage into the general environment before a patent could be taken; there is no sure way of preventing other parties from using it.

You can patent almost any product, process, composition, etc., except those that fall under the laws of nature, physical phenomena, etc as defined in Patent Laws. The patented subject matter should be genuine and not merely an abstract idea. However, the subject matter should be novel in the field in which it is used and should be unlike any other existing technologies, products, or services. For an innovative technology to be patented in a given industry, it must prove its industrial applicability in a given field.

Some of the most important fields where patents are most valuable assets include the following: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronics, smartphones, computers and peripherals, software, network technologies, telecommunications, automobiles, etc. Almost any industry requiring innovative engineering solutions is likely to rely heavily on patents. In some of these industries, there is a need for a combination of high technical expertise and legal expertise for drafting influential patents.

Patents in India are granted and protected under the Indian Patents Act of 1970. The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks (CGPDTM), more commonly known as the Indian Patent Office, is an agency under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade responsible for administering the Indian law of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks.

Online Patent Filing - The Best Option

Patent filing is a lengthy and complex procedure, and one meets new challenges everywhere. However, you can go for online Patent Filing now - that can reduce your headaches and toils in this crucial task. It will be handled by Patent Registration Services, filled with talented and experienced patent and IP laws experts who will assist and guide you through the procedure while keeping most of the interaction online. Moreover, online patent filing is much cheaper than offline patent filing and much more convenient.

Why It Is Best To Take Advantage Of Patent Registration Services

There are several reasons why it may be best to go for Patent Registration Services , some of the most important of which are listed here:

  • Expert advice- The first and perhaps the most obvious benefit of getting their service is that you benefit from their expert advice. While patent filing may be something new and challenging to you, the services have professional staff who handle patents daily.

  • Patents Search- Before filing for patents, it is crucial to go through existing patents to ensure that there are no existing patents against any of the processes, methods, or technologies mentioned in your patents. Otherwise, the patent may be denied in conflict with the current patent, and the whole procedure may be repeated. That involves an extensive patent search which is best left to experts.

  • Draft it rightly- It is possible to get a patent and later find it inadequate. A patent should be comprehensive - it should ultimately mention what processes, technologies, or parts thereof are patented. It is equally essential to confine the discussion to necessary details only - to the practical features only (if you wish for a patent for components that are there for aesthetic appeal only, you should file a separate design patent for that). A patent can thus lose its power because of omitting critical details and mentioning unrequired ones. That's why it's best left to professional Patent Filing Services.

  • Representing your interests to patenting authorities and others- After the patent has been examined, it may be found wanting by patenting authority, and you may be summoned to present arguments in defence of your appeal. Even after it has been advertised/published, it may face opposition, and you may have to defend it by presenting solid legal arguments. That involves needing good lawyers on your side, and Patent Registration Servicesprovide precisely that.

  • Hiring a service is better than a single lawyer - Hiring a whole team of lawyers is better than hiring a single lawyer as teams contain members with expertise in various fields.
  • Meeting deadlines - The Indian patent laws have put in place some deadlines, and one must try to meet these deadlines. A good service can ensure that none of these deadlines are missed.

The above arguments will convince you that having good IP lawyers on your side from the beginning is in the best interest of all businesses. Some of the most significant lawsuits between global companies have been related to cases.

Choosing The Best Patent Filing Services

As we mentioned before, patent filing is a complex procedure, and you should only go for the best Patent Filing Services as your innovation deserves nothing less. The following are some of the tips that can help you find the ideal service for you:

  • Only go for a service that has lawyers experienced in IP matters.
  • Look for a service that can provide online patent filing to avoid unnecessary hassle.
  • It is preferable if the service has previously worked in your industry.
  • Look for a service that can help you avail all the various kinds of patents you may need - including national and international patents.
  • It is essential that the lawyers in question know local and international laws, especially if you have or intend to have an international business. The patent laws are different in different countries..
  • Patent drafts may also contain and need illustrations; One should go for a patent service that can also deliver on this illustration.
  • Other things being equal, go for a cost-effective solution. You can invite quotes from services you consider eligible before you choose one to Apply for Patent Online. Here, one must not compromise with quality to save some bucks, as doing so can prove costly in the long run in the form of lawsuits, poorly crafted and useless patents, etc.

It's best to understand that, in the world of law, having good lawyers is just as important as having the law on your side - and that's why one should always go for the best lawyers and legal services.

The Best Place To Apply For Patent Online

Online Patent Filing is the best place to apply for patent online. We combined expertise, experience, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and swiftness of service all in one place. As a team with several decades of combined experience in practicing IP law, we understand the intricacies of patent law and how to use this knowledge to our client's best advantage. Our service begins with a vision of providing all our clients with 360-degree legal solutions relating to intellectual property issues.

All our clients get highly personalized service. We combined the perks of local knowledge and global experience through an assortment of several attorneys that work together to bring you the best of services.

All these advantages go for patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. Since, as a commercial enterprise, you are likely to have several such intellectual properties, it is always an excellent strategy to hire a service that can handle all these legal issues for you and to take those services as a partner. That's just the kind of partnership Online Patent Filing is willing to offer.

You can even ask for a personal quote for free. So, what are you waiting for? We shall love to hear from you.