About Us

About Us

We are a network of national and international IP attorneys extending intellectual property and legal services to various national and foreign businesses, individuals, corporates, institutions etc. It all started with a philosophy of getting an IP right procured anywhere in the world swiftly without any hassle.

Our vision is to create a syndicate of cost-effective services that let researchers/inventors/IP holders take control of IP filings, IP renewals and the like. Our ethos is to put the user of our services first by assuring reliability, quality and focusing on the market that matter to the user.

About OPF


Ms. Sonal Srivastava

Founding Partner

Ms. Sonal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science and is a registered Indian Patent Agent. She has about 11 years of extensive experience in the field of intellectual property. Ms. Sonal is an experienced patent application drafter and works with Indian and US inventors and attorneys on utility and design patent prosecution strategies like claim construction, and objection handling for both utility and design patent applications. She also works with Indian and overseas clients on the projects like knockout searches, innovation searches, patentability searches, infringement searches, claim chart mapping, landscape analysis, invalidity searches, trademarks, and copyright. Her business, team building and technical acumen lead to own the firm two prestigious awards in the year 2022- Emerging company of the Year in MSME- Indian Achievers Forum Top ten IP consultants- India? Consultant review magazine

Ms. Megha Khanna

Partner-Trademark, Copyright, Design
Advocate, Registered Trademark Agent & Start-up Facilitator

Ms. Megha is an IP Attorney and has been a part of an experienced team of IP professionals, with a combined experience of over a decade in Trademarks, Designs & Copyright. She has been a part of an experienced team of IP professionals from IP service industry and eminent law firms. She supports Indian and overseas clients in managing Trademark, Design, and Copyright portfolios.

Mr. Palash Kaushik


Mr. Palash is a Mechanical and Automation Engineer with 6 years of experience in patent/innovation advisory service and Corporate R&D IP. Mr. Palash is an analytics expert and has experience in services including landscaping, innovation intelligence, and patentability analysis of technology as required by major automobile manufacturers, airplane parts manufacturers, other manufacturing companies, and institutes involved with industries. Further Mr. Palash also specializes in metals, composites and ceramics.

Why us?

We make filing an IP easy, swift and cost-effective
  • When you have an intellectual property that needs to be protected in major IP dominating jurisdictions like USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and India, we make it easy for you.

  • Our Ideology is based on Networking. Our network comprises attorneys or law firms from different countries on a single platform. Thus, our one-stop platform will provide you hassle-free, stress-free, and cost-effective IP filing services.

Quick and efficient
  • When filing an IP, keep in mind that all the countries have a first-to-file system, which means that the first party to register their invention will likely have rights to it.

  • Speed and efficiency are vital elements of securing your intellectual property; and by having a convenient network, we can provide you a streamlined IP filing process.

One point of contact
  • It is a time-consuming task for a person to follow up IP applications in each country. Online Patent Filing is a single point of contact to deal with, making the whole process a lot less painful.