FTO / Clearance Search

Launching a New Product into market: Clearance/Freedom to Operate Search:

This report is less of a report, more of a strategy. Whenever an organization is in the phase of deciding on creating a new product followed by launching the same, the major obstacle is the jurisdiction in which they are planning to launch the new product is to take into considerations the risk of

  • Is there any patent application granted or pending that may block the product coming into market;
  • Infringement;

To minimize the aforementioned risks and to fuel the strategy with better insights organizations rely on Clearance/Freedom to operate analysis to steer their way out of any risk.

With the help of this report organizations would be able to

  • Invent around the currently available invention to avoid the infringement
  • Helps in Acquiring Deals like cross-licensing;
  • Purchasing the patent or licensing-in if there is any patent/patent application blocking the product in particular jurisdiction;
  • If at all your product is good to go, you can always back your product by filing the patent application in the particular jurisdiction, giving you the edge of first to protect and blocking others to use.
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