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Delhi is the country's national capital - the union territory is also one of the biggest centres of industry in the country, especially in North India. As the city is also home to the registered head offices of some of the biggest enterprises in the country, it is hardly surprising that there are so many patents, trademarks, and designs filed for registration here. This article discusses the various aspects of getting a patent design in delhi, including the concerning laws, rules, processes, and legal services. By the end, you will be able to know all about getting design patents.

Design patents are intellectual property (IP) like ordinary patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc., and design patents protect designs. Designs are the visual or aesthetic aspects of a product or a combination of the same. They are the subject matter of design patents, which is the critical difference between them and ordinary patents. The standard patents relate to only the practical aspects - the process, parts, inventive steps, etc.; that add, enhance, or create new practical value to the product or service.

Laws Governing Patents in India

Before you begin the process to apply for a design patent in Delhi, you should have some understanding of the various laws governing it. The patents in India are protected under the Indian Patent Act of 1970. The law has undergone several significant revisions to adjust to the changing commercial landscape. Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), signed by the member country of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), was one significant change. One of the essential aspects of TRIPS was that it mandated that all countries provide minimum protection for all registered intellectual properties for twenty years.

Importance Of Design Patents

Design patents have varying importance in various industries. Some industries that may require patent design in Delhi are jewellery, electronics, smartphones, computers, hardware, furniture, fonts, computer icons, beverages, alcoholic drinks, handicrafts, architectural designs, interior decoration styles, fashion designs, etc. Did you know one of the first design patents was for the design of the Statue of Liberty?

Similarly, it is essential to understand what can be protected under design patents and what can be protected under ordinary patents. For example, you must get a typical patent for a computer mousepad based on new technology, but the difference is in the shape of the mouse; you should get a design patent. Similarly, a new process of shaping gold for jewellery should get an ordinary patent. Still, the end jewellery's distinct look, shape, or design will be protected under design patents.

Design patents can be worth millions of dollars. Some of the most significant lawsuits of recent times have been about design patents.

The Legal Process for Design Patent Filing Delhi

Design patents filed in India provide legal protection right throughout the country, but separate patents may have to be filed in other countries or regions of the world.

The process for design patent registration in Delhi is a complex process needing an infuriating knowledge of the law and procedure. The most critical steps are design patent search and patent drafting. A Design patent search has to be conducted to ensure that there are no existing design patents for the product design. One can do a successful patent design search only with the help of a professional service.

Similarly, patent drafting is a crucial step. The phrasing used in the application should be accurate and sufficient but not too wordy. The content should relate to design aspects only - and patentable designs only. Similarly, graphic presentation of the design may be needed to be done by experts. All this makes it necessary that one should go for a professional service to execute this step.

Regarding design patent filing Delhi has several services that can assist with drafting patents. Still, one should be careful to go for the best service one can afford. Quality of service is vital in determining how potent the design patent will be and how hassle-free the process of registering it will be.

Find The Best Service for Assisting When You Apply for A Design Patent in Delhi

When you apply for design patent filing Delhi has several professional services. However, the quality of service provided by them varies a lot. Finding the best design patent service is not an easy procedure though the following tips can prove helpful:

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